1. FLAWLESS! I’m here to stay  (Taken with Instagram)
  2. Original Roc-A-Fella piece! Do I sell this rare piece or keep it ? (Taken with Instagram)
  3. 🙅 (Taken with Instagram)
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#laundereddrygoods (Taken with instagram)
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Almost Impossible To Not reblog This.
  6. eiknarf:

Who cares if you have no idea what this shit is, or if it looks bad on your page. REBLOG it anyways. If you are interested in learning and possibly doing your part, as little as it might be it still counts. Watch the video, do some reading. This shit is real. It might not be our country, but it is our planet, it is the future.
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ADV.1 997 (by warrenshimquee)
  9. gold barzzzz
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